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Experience April in action 'enabling you to focus,decide,execute follow through, balance your life, lead others and be in control of your destiny.

National Expert Coach


Executive who needs assistance evaluating the strengths, weakness of his/her management.

Organization needs assurance that the information shared are kept confidential.


National Expert Coach Mentor


 Oversight for the EXPRESSIONS Mentoring Program has been delegated to the Development. This delegation will provide an expansion of the current mentoring program using established authorities and processes. EXPRESSIONS designate a Program Manager to oversee and advise on the integration of organizational mentoring components with functions of the Expressions Office. The Program Manager will have the authority to oversee development, implementation, and evaluation of the program. The EOLC Mentoring Program plan will serve as a framework and roadmap to identify Mentoring Program priorities and designates roles, responsibilities, and criteria for meeting those priorities. The program plan will provide a systematic process for EXPRESSIONS to carry out its mission of providing lifelong, blended learning and developmental opportunities for PARTICIPANTS/CORPRATIONS, employees. The major function of EXPRESSIONS Mentoring Program is to promote the protégé’s (or, mentee’s) development in specific areas and to facilitate successful completion of the program. It will also serve as a key success on-planning tool aimed at ensuring the Agency has the right kind and number of diverse leaders to achieve mission success. Specific goals, guidance, roles, responsibilities, and criteria will be identified for implementing the program across the nation and will be in accordance with Federal guidance. EXPRESSIONS Mentoring Program will accomplish the task set before us.

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Individuals who abuse alcohol are also more likely to abuse other substances, like prescription or illicit drugs. Illicit drugs,ecstasy cocaine, heroin and marijuana can cause severe bodily injury and life threatening side effects. Drinking and taking drugs can quickly

spiral out of control, leaving you at risk for potentially permanent health complication                                                                                                    



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Expressions mentor coaching aim to motivate  our community. We connect our community with our businesses. Mentor coaching strategies are enhanced effective practices they:                         

(techniques real life models)  

  • Reduce relapse
  • Decrease assault of staff, crime victims (family friend and community members)
  • Reduce criminality
  • Increase levels of awareness,education and employment.
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve health, mental health conditions and symptoms
  • Reduce inmate misconduct
  • Increases safety

Community Connection


Expressions provides the benefits of redirecting and building life changing intervention, and encouragement. We challenge business, schools, county, state, federal officials, and our community to help provide opportunities. Enrich development in real life awareness situations. Expression's Mentoring programs positively introduce expose into real life challenges, and social skills. 

HIGH LIGHTS : 2019 expanding our services: 24/7 residential facility. Projected final phase by July 2019. Community families we still need your support.

Expressions visitation with Plantation Rehabilitation Christmas Eve

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 Family & Friends Game of kickball (TBA)

Community Connection

Project: Let's Reconnect

April 6, 2019 more info coming

April National Youth Service Day

Complete-Community Service Hours

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The most frequently asked questions.

(Q) What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a professional speaker 

(A) A professional speaker can speak on most any level or topic. What are you looking for? Perhaps you need a professional speaker who will and can connect with attendees, emotionally, and deliver knowledgeable, rememberable  entertaining  laughs. Make your event a success.

(Q) Why book a motivational speaker?

(A) A motivational speaker adds unforgettable positive core values to everyday people within corporations, organizations, school, places we are needed most.

(Q) Describe a recent project you are fond of? How long did it take? 

(A) The newest project "Expressions residential  24/7 facility. Mentoring monitoring at risk youths and young adults transition to adulthood and re-entry program. Model real life skills.

(Q) What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

(A) Expert Exclusive Life Coach, motivational speaker, mentor, clergy life experiences;  medical administration MA, degree, cross training PCT, CNA license, BAT/STF technician; certified, pre-marital counselor, mother of 5, widow at 28 years old, 37 years  of experience and counting.